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3D Solar System Screensaver

Solar System is a fully 3D environment screensaver which serves both the screensaver and an educational astronomy program. This screensaver views all planets of our solar system on your desktop.

  Download Site       Buy Now $19.95

Version: 1.3 Publisher:
File Size: 4.3 MB System: Windows 98/2000/XP/ME
License: Free to try ($19.95 ) Limitations:  
Date Added: 06-17-2008 Requirements:  

Software Description:

Solar System is a fully 3D environment screensaver which serves both the screensaver and an educational astronomy program. This screensaver views all planets of our solar system on your desktop. You can set different cameras to view whole solar system. Screensaver makes you able to configure lot of other options. Included is also an informative mode which makes you able to see more details about all planets. Optional is also an arrangement of planets relative or realistic orbit with lovely background music.You can even set your own MP3 as a custom soundtrack and many more features.

Click for large screen Click for large screen Click for large screen

Key Features:
  • Display Settings:
    In this section you can set width, heigth and bits per pixel for viewing screensaver. You can set Automatic - this will your desktop settings if detected, if not then it will find the best screen resolution.
    Use Desktop Setting force to use your Windows desktop setting.
  • Audio Settings:
    If Default is checked - during the screensaver will play default screensaver song. Check Custom to set your own MP3 file (song) that will loop during screensaver. If both unchecked - no music will play.
  • Camera Speed:
    By this settings you can set various stages of camera speed.
  • Miscellanous: Various additional settings:
    - show planet trajectories - trajectory of each planet is displayed
    - show planet names - over each planet there will by displayed name of planet
    - show distances from Sun - this will display distances between each planet and Sun in AU ( Astronomical Unit - distance Earth-Sun )
    - show FPS - will display Frames Per Second
    - show more stars - different background will be set, with more stars
    - full ambient - the planets are lighter ( useful in sunny rooms )
  • Camera:
    Here are 6 sorts of camera settings ( moves ). Informative mode camera rotates around one selected planet and displays additional informations about this selected planet.
    3D Solar System Screensaver shows all present planets, their approximate trajectories and additional informations about those planets. Screensaver is able to show system in three different modes :
    - real (with turn around time) - this mode shows planets in their real distance from the Sun and planets rotate around the Sun in their relatively real time durations (real ratio).
    - real positions and size - this mode show in real only distances from Sun, planets rotate around Sun with same velocity.
    - relative positions from Sun - mode shows all planets near the Sun, distances are arranged so that all planets can be visible during the rotation, also planets rotate around the Sun with same velocities.
  • Set Default Values:
    This button will set the default settings of screensaver.
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